Discover helpful tools and explore the benefits of alternative fuels.

Alternative Fuels Data Center

Clean Cities Coachella Valley has gathered a collection of some of the best resources and reports for those interested in alternative fuels. Many of these come from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center , which offers a large collection of helpful tools.

These calculators, interactive maps and data searches can assist fleets, fuel providers and other transportation decision-makers in their efforts to advance alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicle technologies.

Idling vehicles can use up several billion gallons of fuel, and emit large quantities of air pollution and greenhouse gases each year. The term “idle reduction” can be used to describe the technologies and practices that reduce the amount of time vehicles idle their engines. Reducing idle time saves fuel, reduces engine wear and reduces emissions and noise. Idle Reduction Benefits and Considerations

Alternative Fuel starion Charging an electric car
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